People find insurance to be confusing and intimidating and as a result, often do not have all the protection they need.

We don't know who to trust or what questions to ask.  We don't know what we don't know. 

  • Insurance can be complex. I'll make it simpler and easier to understand.
  • You'll feel more confident that you've chosen the right coverage for your needs.

As a local agent, I'll get to know you and help you with life's many changes and I'll be here when you need help.

You'll get the best prices here. Insurance prices are filed with the state department of insurance. Insurance premium are the same whether you buy from an agent or from the insurance company directly.  Those purchasing small group health coverage with fewer than 5 enrolled employees may be charged an additional agency fee.  

Insurance agents may receive commissions and incentive compensation if coverage is issued. This amount does not change the amount you pay for insurance. Please contact me for additional information.

I look forward to working with you.  Thanks!  Ken 

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