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Medicare, Life Insurance, & Supplemental Health benefits

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​    Short-term health insurance

  • Fill temporary coverage gaps; catastrophic
  • Next day coverage available
  • Obamacare/COBRA alternative; low cost
  • Existing medical conditions not covered
  • Coverage is not renewable.  
  • ACA tax penalty may still apply

​      International Travel Medical

  • Medical coverage for travel outside the USA 
  • Cover medical expenses, emergency care,                evacuation and expenses not covered by U.S.                    health insurance 
  • Travel expense coverage plans also available

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Rev: 09/19/17

Losing health coverage? Please visit the Individual Health Plan links below. For guarantee issue health plans, CLICK HERE.

Insurance Marketplace- rates/subsidies

Private Market Health Benefit Plan  

2018 Health Plan Options

Non-Medicare plans

Trusted Medicare  brands

One stop shopping!

Call for Major Brands

Everyday needs plans

Provide help when needed most

Up to 90-days coverage

Plans below offer up to 3 (Peterson) or 2 (Pivot) 90-day policies for up to 270 (Peterson)  or 180 (Pivot) coverage days. A new deductible applies for each policy but pre-existing carryover applies.

Individual Health Plans